Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's T-Ball Time

Our Crawford T-Ball team had their first game of the season Tuesday evening. With having only 2 practices under their belts they played great!! Addison was so concerned where Bubby was that I had to take her over to the dug-out to see him. She runs to him as fast as she can with open arms screaming "Bubby!" Of course I had to get a picture of that ;) After the game the kids and I enjoyed eating some McDonald's at the park and I enjoyed chasing them with my camera ;) If you look closely at the one of Preston, Addison and the tree, Addison's mouth is full of french fries. Poor Addison she couldn't eat her foot w/out hearing me say "say cheese". Then today at Preson's tball practice I realized Addison was out of sight. My heart dropped and I started looking everywhere as fast as I could to find her where? In the mens bathroom with a plunger, plunging the toilett!!!!! Can you say yuck, germs, gross, disgusting, stinky, and the list goes on and on!!! LOL, Oh Addison there is NEVER a dull moment huh.

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