Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 1 of Kindergarten

Day 1 of Kindergarten went very well for Preston Lee.  It also went pretty well for Me and Addison.  Daddy was away on a train and I know that was hard for him.  Preston was full of joy and excitement when I took him to school this morning.  He was so excited I hardly had time to read him a letter I wrote for him and to say a quick prayer together, but we did and Preston just smiled and jumped out of the Yukon when we were finished.  He has 10 other students in his class and his teacher is Mrs. Ebmeir (sp?). 

I asked Preston what he learned at his first day of school and he said " I learned that 14 plus 14 is 28".  That was more than good enough for me, lol!  He did proceed to tell me "we don't get to play with toys in Kindergarten!".

I think Preston is going to really ejoy Kindergarten and I am very excited to see and hear of all the exciting ways Mrs. Ebmeir introduces learning skills to the class.

Here are a few pictures I shot this morning during the hustle and bustle.

Yes, my child is climbing the wall!

                                                             Preston and Mrs. Ebmeier

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