Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here were are. Kindergarten.

Preston Lee,

Here we are, Kindergarten.   I’m almost certain it was only yesterday that I saw the outline of your tiny little face in an ultrasound picture, I heard your rapid tender heartbeat over a baby monitor, I held you tightly as your tears cried pain when you broke your little leg.   I am certain It was just yesterday that I heard your voice saying “Gretchen, my tennis shoes need to be here tomorrow so I can start Kindergarten”.   Here we are.  Kindergarten.  An exciting chapter of life starts for you.  An exciting chapter of life ends for me.  Preston Lee, the last six years you have been the most extraordinary little boy.  You have filled my life with laughter, tears, frustration, excitement, anticipation, joy, pride and so much more.  I know in my heart there have been times when I have not been all I could have been for you.  But I pray that through your eyes over the last six years, as a Mother, that I have filled your life with as much love, joy, laughter and compassion as you have mine.     I have realized that from Kindergarten on, much of your time will be spent more with others, and less with me.   And because of this, I will only pray even more diligently for you and be even more aware of the quality of our time together.   As a Mother and friend, I will always be here for you Preston.  I love you so much and I am so proud of you.



Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

Crazy. Fast. Rewind? *giggle! What a wonderful young man you have. Enjoy the extra alone time with your little lady, as it won't be long, and she'll be doing the same thing! Proud of you, Preston! Have a great year!

Debbie said...

I thought of you today as little Preston went off to school and how hard it is to let go of their little hand as they so hungrily are ready to take off on their own. You are a good mama and you will enjoy Preston being in school and that special time alone with Addy!